Monday, September 13, 2010

Yankees Hat - 4 Time Winner

Meet my Yankees hat. Its old and faded and maybe a bit ugly.

My brother gave it to me years ago when he lived with us and our TV still worked.  A former New Yorker, he would subscribe to the Yankees Network and somehow had the whole family worked into a baseball frenzy.  Over the years, I realized that I am not a big baseball fan or even a big Yankees fan (though Derek Jeter really is a hottie) unless I'm watching with my brother.  His knowledge of the game and all the politics created my fun and interest.

Still, the Yankees hat sticks with me.  I wear it day after day, rain or shine.  It serves many purposes:
- Sunglasses.  My hat keeps the sun out of my eyes, doesn't smear when my kids touch it and doesn't break when people or dogs step on it.
- Umbrella.  The hat makes a great umbrella. It keeps the rain off my face, preserves my curls and doesn't blow away in the wind.
- Pony tail holder.  Not too tiny and always easy to find.
- Conversation piece.  Wearing a Yankees hat in Seattle never fails to create a moment of friendly banter in my day.  People just can't resist.

Probably the best part of the hat, though, is that it reminds me of my brother and all the fun I've had cheering with him over the years.

Now look at my hat again.  Isn't it beautiful?

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