Friday, September 10, 2010

Holy Cow!

Welcome Unshelved Readers.

My dearly beloved husband linked to me from his blog on Wednesday, and you came.  Wow did you come.  My usual blog hits hover pretty steadily around 20 per day.  The last few days have been over 1000.  Woof!  Talk about jump in readership.

I was planning a fancy blog celebration when my subscriber numbers finally drifted up to equal my age, figuring it would take quite a while to work my way up from 22 to 41.  Thanks to you all they jumped from being young adults to retirement age this week.

Whooooo hoooooo!!! (how's that for a fancy celebration?)

Thanks for coming, and its an honor that you're choosing to stay and read.  I hope you enjoy the ride.

PS.  Warm, warm thanks to you loyal 22 out there that have so kindly supported me over the years.


Wireshaper said...

I came through the link on Unshelved. I stayed because I was homescholed, and plan to homeschool my future hypothetical children. I'm interested to read homeschool Mom's points of view. I really liked your blog post about attachment and your decision to get up and start your kid's day.

librarytigger said...

HI Sara--
I'm another who came from Unshelved. And of course (just like I did with Unshelved and NIH) I had to go back and read the whole thing from the beginning in chronological order. I'm appreciating the glimpses into your lives and looking forward to getting to know you a little better. I have to say, you're AMAZING!!

Sara said...

OH, blush. Thanks for the kind words.

hippiefemme said...

I'm from Unshelved, too! I think I mentioned that, though. I aim to stick around because it is fascinating and I would like to homeschool my hypothetical children as well.

Andrea and/or Jeff said...

I came from Unshelved also. I'm staying because as a fellow transracial adoptive mom (white mom who went to almost all black schools, with a 6.5 year old daughter from China) I >love< that you talk explicitly about race and white privilege. Oh, and Girl Genius! And all sorts of other stuff.
As a girl who grew up in the 70s in Kansas City, though, I'm a die hard enemy of the Yankees! I don't care about baseball, but I can't stand the Yankees - nice that the hat is so useful and reminds you of your brother though!

Happy parenting!