Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Passing of Glenn Doman

This spring the man originally responsible for my becoming a developmentalist passed away.

Glenn Doman was one of the pioneers of the neurodevelopmental model of treating children.  Through his intensive courses I found answers for the questions no-one else would listen to.  Through his passionate disciples I found support, programs and hope for my child who was hurt and stuck. Through his deep belief in mothers I found the drive to become the parent my children need.

Thanks, Mr. Doman, for your commitment and vision. It has forever changed my family's world for the better.

Remembering Glenn Doman

Glenn Doman often said that mothers are the best teachers the world has ever seen, and the parents that he inspired and taught continue to prove that each day. Champion of every child on earth, he never gave up on any child, and his dream of better kids for a better world lives on.

When Glenn founded The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in 1955, he was a young physical therapist who, as an infantryman, had led his men through World War II. He had seen men destroyed on the battlefield and set about to save people. At this point, Glenn had begun to formulate the groundbreaking concept that brain injury is in the brain-not the arm, leg, or foot-and that brain growth and development is dynamic and ever-changing, a concept broadly accepted today as neuroplasticity.

Sitting on his mother's lap, Glenn learned to read before he went to school. His philosophy of learning was shaped by love and nurturing, and he always remembered that mothers were the key to the future.