Thursday, March 6, 2014

Paper Purging

I got the cutest help with my piles!
In October, I took on the commitment to get clear about our finances and get everything in order.  Because after 17 years we hadn't exactly figured this out for ourselves, I hired a GREAT finance coach to help me find our way.  Though I have been following Mikelann Valterra's blog for over a year, it took a friend

wondering if working with a coach might help me in my quest to prompt me to call and set up an appointment.  Step by step, her knowledge and experience is moving us towards the understanding we want and need.

Last week, the exhilarating by-product of seeing where we are at included paperwork purging.  I threw out 5 large bins of paper.  We're now down to one file drawer, all our past taxes info in one place with a tidy folder waiting for Bill and me to take a first stab at this year's taxes. My favorite part? the complete elimination of paper avalanche potential!

Here is the article Mikelann shared with me about what to keep and what/when to dump that started the cleaning frenzy.  Maybe you'll find it inspiring, too.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why I am excited about grey hair and menopause

I love my grey hairs because for me each of them is a Badge of Courage.  Each course hair testifies to one the many hard, sad, stressful or traumatic days and events I have survived.  The resilience developed from scraping through those days and grieving the hard parts of life moves me towards the healthy, thriving woman I want to be. Woe to the hairdresser who suggests coloring them for a "younger" look!

A post of one of the new blogs I'm enjoying, Paleo for Women, explores why grandmothers are important to the health of the human species. It deeply resonated with my own thoughts on aging and community. "Why grandmothers kick ass" provides inspiring thoughts for those of us in our premenopausal age!

Give it a read here: