Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why I am excited about grey hair and menopause

I love my grey hairs because for me each of them is a Badge of Courage.  Each course hair testifies to one the many hard, sad, stressful or traumatic days and events I have survived.  The resilience developed from scraping through those days and grieving the hard parts of life moves me towards the healthy, thriving woman I want to be. Woe to the hairdresser who suggests coloring them for a "younger" look!

A post of one of the new blogs I'm enjoying, Paleo for Women, explores why grandmothers are important to the health of the human species. It deeply resonated with my own thoughts on aging and community. "Why grandmothers kick ass" provides inspiring thoughts for those of us in our premenopausal age!

Give it a read here:

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