Saturday, December 8, 2007

Socks, sleep, the internet

I'm up in the middle of the night again. Well, actually it is almost morning now (4:47am). This seemed like a great time to share one of my favorite factoids.

Research shows that people who wear socks to bed fall asleep faster than those who don't.

Maybe I should have put socks on 4 hours ago when someone woke me because they needed to use the potty.

The internet is an interesting thing (really this is related to the sock tidbit). Looking for the original source on the sock information - I read it in the newspaper years ago - I Googled "reseach socks sleep." The newspaper bit I read had a specific number that intrigued me, along the lines of sock wearers fall asleep 30 (or was it 70?) percent faster. What I found is plenty of sites that note only that "research says." But no-one who actually cites the study. This site mentions it is a Swiss study, and good old Dr. Mercola explains the science behind it (or at least what sounds like credible science, I can't tell you for sure because he doesn't cite his source.)

So, in the spirit of the internet: Research shows people with bare feet who stay up in the wee hours of the night surfing the internet are grumpier the next morning than those who put on socks and go back to sleep!