Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Last spring, I accidentally knocked my physical therapist's coat off the hook as I was hanging mine.  Bending to pick it up, I encountered the fluffiest, sleekest looking coat I've ever seen.  She let me try it on while she raved about its various features and comfortable warmth.

I've been obsessed ever since.  The object of my desire is a Patagonia "down sweater". The feather pack is warm, but not so puffy it looks like the Michelin Man.  The jacket itself is very light and stuffs down into its own tiny pocket, perfect for just dropping into my bag in case soccer practice or park day gets chilly.

I tried to run out and buy it, but apparently Patagonia only releases the "sweater" in the fall and every store sold out over the winter.  After months and months of stalking (and looking for sale prices), fall has come!!

Now I just have to pick a color. REI, here I come!

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Cerulean Bill said...

I think that that sounds entirely reasonable.