Monday, September 6, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

This Saturday, Mason joined the Barnacle crew!

Described as 75 pounds of handsome, he is a one year old black labrador rescued from a high kill shelter in Idaho.  Aside from being truly handsome in that dorky lab sort of way, Mason is one mellow and awesome pooch.

Our family took the ferry over to Port Orchard to meet him and instantly fell in love.  At first sight he showed all the right signs of friendliness and moderate levels of activity, plus the tendancy to sit when confronted with odd sites (the huge black cow down the lane qualified as very odd in his book.) With a lovely, thick, soft coat, some level of leash training and few obvious commands in his vocabulary, it is clear he lost himself from a careful, loving home.

The weekend whizzed by in a lovely mishmash of getting to know Mason and teaching him about our home and family. I think we're all going to be very happy together.

Welcome, Mason!


Andrea Denninger said...

As one who works in dog rescue, I'm so glad you adopted a rescued pooch. I'm sure, however, that he can't work the computer, so he's probably startled at new SIGHTS, not sites.

Thanks to your hubby for his wonderful UNSHELVED (with which I identify, being a retired high school library secretary), and for sharing your blog with us.


Sara said...

Man, you library people are sharp!

What you don't realize is how very clever this dog is. I had to put on the safety filters to stop him from staying up all night googling pictures of rawhides.

Okay, you're right the cow was a sight.

Welcome to my blog! I'm glad for your careful readership.