Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why Underwear

Here is one of the more random things I learned this summer.

Underwear exists for a reason.

I figure at least several of you reading this are thinking, "well, duh."  But as a parent, I try to pick my battles around most things that create resistance from the kids.  Our modern culture seems filled with so many random rules, I prefer to hold my ground for the more meaningful ones.

Coming from Montana, I guess I always figured panties served as a second layer of protection for my bootie from the harsh chill of winter (can't explain much about the summer reasons, though).  So when certain short members of the family began fighting putting on unders, I just shrugged it off.  Winters just aren't that cold here.  Recently, though I learned better.

If you're squeamish, this is the point at which you might like to move on to the next task in your day.

Turns out, underwear serve two purposes.  First, they absorb any little extra drops of urine that a good wipe might miss.  Second, they act as a protective layer between the world and our more funky parts.  Underwear end up being a nice little social convention that keeps our everyday interactions with others fresh. Basically, it keeps people from being too stinky.

Pretty random, isn't it?  But good.  Good to know.


Molly said...

And as my younger brother once discovered in an event I'm sure he still remembers, underwear serve to provide an additional protective layer between sensitive and somewhat loose-skinned bits and zippers.

And hi Sara! Long time no see!


Rosy and Angy said...

that panties are really cute... lol

Sara said...

You're both right. They are also functional and can be so lovely.