Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Laundry Happiness

Turns out, I'm really pleased with our whole laundry system right now.

When we first take off our dirty clothes, we choose between the lights (lime green) hamper and the darks (black) hamper.  Each morning a child carries down the fullest hamper (they alternate - Theo is even days, Rosie is odd days).  Said child then notifies Bill that laundry is ready, and at some point during the day Bill runs a load.

Once clothes are clean and dry, they get either hung up on the clothing bar in the laundry room to prevent wrinkles or dumped into white hampers, which signify clean clothes.  Within a day or two J, our amazing housemate, folds laundry.  She deposits folded laundry, in their white hampers, at the top of the stairs at which point Bill usually trips over them and remembers to put the clothes away.

One of Flylady's maxims is, "Nothing says I Love You like clean underwear."  My favorite parts of this laundry system are the peaceful loving feeling of knowing there are almost always clean undies in my drawer, and the fact that at no point in the above narrative did you read the words, "and then I...".

Good system, isn't it?

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The Bug said...

LOL - love that last bit about how you don't do anything. Just kidding - I know you probably do a lot of OTHER things. There's just hubby & me, so we take turns with laundry, which works pretty well for us.