Friday, September 17, 2010

A Very Girlie Post

I'm thinking about cutting my hair.  It is down to my shoulder blades now, and its starting to seem like work. Also, my hair seems noticeably there which becomes a sensory issue for me.  I notice I'm ending up with a pony tail most of the day recently, a look I don't love on me.

I like the length (as does my husband) and really enjoy how I can make my curls into ringlets.  What I don't like has to do with how frizzy it gets.  I transition from pretty curls or ringlets to Christmas Tree (think triangle here) overnight. Somehow shoulder length hair seems easier to restyle - or at least less likely to go Christmas on me.

Once there is a new baby with that strong grasp, long hair either needs to be tied back or disappear.  So cut in now or cut it later? Or maybe I'm just suffering the fall doldrums.  And of course, longer hair keeps me warmer in the chill of winter. On the other hand, long hair can be so sensuous and pretty.  I like looking and feeling womanly.

If you're reading from my blogger page, you can compare this current picture with my profile picture and the length I'm considering returning to (and yeah I know about that dangling participle).

Sigh.  At least I don't have to decide what to do with my beard.  Yet.

What do you think - is long frumpy or lovely? Am I too old for long hair? How do you decide when to cut your hair?


librarytigger said...

I think the key is a length that you and your husband both like that isn't too hard to maintain. Some of the anti-frizz products may help, or conditioning mousse, but in a humid climate, maybe not. I have thick hair and live in FL, so for me it is time to cut it when it gets too heavy and hot. I grew it for Locks of Love once, but currently it is about the length in your profile pic. It is long enough to look nice and to pull back if I want, but not so long to be annoying or that I HAVE to pull it up all the time.

The Bug said...

Oh the HAIR dilemma. I have the same one, except I got no curl - the longer it gets the more annoying it is to work with. Right now I have some layers that make it easier.

Regarding your hair - you look like a teenager in that long hair picture :) So if you don't mind looking like a teenager I think it looks nice. The shorter hair has a little more "style." I don't know - I can't decide on my own hair - how can I decide on yours? Heh.

Shannon said...

My hair gets shorter each year. It used to be as long as yours and now is cut up over my ears. I LOVE it short!! I say go for the cut - it's only hair, it'll grow back if you decide you don't like it. :)

Shannon said...

My hair gets shorter every few months! It used to be way past my shoulders and now it is up over my ears. I LOVE IT SHORT! I say go for the cut. It's only hair and it'll always grow back if you decide you don't like it. :)

To-Fu said...

Longer! It's all sexy and sassy and classy librarian. :P

--Tasha from API :D

Jessica said...

I went from long, long hair to shoulder length layers, and I really love it. The lady who cuts my hair has done a great job of encouraging the natural curl of my hair. It looks better than it ever has before and needs less attention. It looks the best wehen I blow-dry my bangs and let the rest air dry. Good layers will help it curl and let you keep some length to it. That, and good product! I use Sebastian Mousse Forte and Paul Mitchell styling serum.

I rarely pull my hair up anymore, except to exercise, and I used to wear it up ALL THE TIME.

PNW Mama said...

The woman who cuts my hair (and who I defer to on all things hair) says that once you start putting it on a pony, it's too long. She says it's no longer sexy and attractive if it's getting in your way. That being said, any other length is okay. From very short to just a hair shorter than "I have to put it in a pony tail every day!" I personally don't feel as good when my hair is longer because I don't like how it makes my face look. You, however, look lovely with the long hair. I think that as long as you don't mind the maintenance (which I do - longer hair that you don't put in a pony is more work), then go long, sister!