Friday, September 24, 2010

The Music in My Head

Last month, I spend the weekend with a group of friends.  Suddenly, in a pause in the conversation, someone said, "Freeze.  What's the song going through your head?"

Mine was Sweet Jane by the Cowboy Junkies.  His was something obscure I'd never heard of but was tangentially related to the topic at hand.  One other person had something going.

What shocked me was that about half the people in the room didn't have any music going at the time - maybe 6 people. I can't remember a time that there wasn't background music in my brain.  And I can remember far back.

Often my internal song comes from the constant input of my external world.  Right now I'm REALLY working to keep hubby's horrible zombie song from becoming the standard track in my brain (it is just so damn catchy and the kids randomly burst out singing it).  For the past few years it has often been one Suzuki guitar song or another.  During the many years I worked in retail, my internal music came from the ever present top 40 radio stations playing through the speakers.  Sadly, for several office years, it was the muzak I heard on my way up the elevator in the morning.

Several times a day, my brain attaches some lyrics to a conversation or situation.  You know, someone is telling me they moved last weekend with some help from their friends.  Then I'm all Beatles for the rest of the day.

So how about you?  Does you have an internal soundtrack?  What's playing right now?  Or are you quiet inside?  What's that like?


The Bug said...

Love Sweet Jane! I haven't listened to my Cowboy Junkies CD in forever. I don't always have a song in my head, but now Sweet Jane is there.

Last night I went to the symphony for the first time. I wasn't sure I would enjoy the music all that much, but someone needed a driver & had a free ticket so I went. I enjoyed the Beethoven, but surprised myself by NOT really liking the Debussey. ANYWAY, the last song of the evening had a tiny little section of melody that reminded me of the All er Nothin' song from Oklahoma (the one Will & Ado Annie sing). So that's the song that was in my head all last night. But I woke up with Melissa Etheridge in my head (My love, wherever I go, I take you with me).

Now, my husband ALWAYS has an internal soundtrack - & sometimes it baffles me. There's been a lot of Fifth Dimension in there lately. AND he likes to make up new lyrics to the songs.

James said...

Right now mine is Sunday Morning by The Velvet Underground.

Cerulean Bill said...

It's usually quiet. I almost never have a tune in my head. (I assume that the MP3 player when I'm at the gym doesn't count.)

librarytigger said...

I know just what you mean! I constantly have music in my head, usually whatever kid's songs we're doing in storytime that week. It can be a challenge to actually switch to more grwonup stuff. My staff are always teasing me about it! I also get songs planted in my head from random things I see/hear during the day (movie titles, book titles, etc.). I sing/hum in the car, at work, around the house, and much prefer music to the TV for background company. (My TV doesn't even work, except for the DVD player)

Erin said...

This was an eye opening post for me! I *always* have a song going through my head. My father does too, and I remember my mother once telling him "if you have music going on in your head when I am talking to you, you are not paying attention to me!" Thus, I've never told her I do too! I'm glad to hear other people do this too. (P.S. Mine are usually some show tune or other)

Sara said...

Whew, I'm so glad to hear there are others of you out there with songs in your head.

ibrarytigger - kids songs are the stickiest songs, aren't they? Catchy tunes, silly words. Can't tell you how many times I've caught myself out in public humming "Choclate Moose On the Loose".

Erin - sorry to hear about the show tunes. You must be tuned into the same brain station as my hubby. :)