Saturday, September 25, 2010


Santa Claus brought me a new game for my stocking last Christmas.  Quiddler is sort of a combination of Scrabble and Rummy.  Bill and I love to play games together and for years had serious Scrabble competitions. Come kids, I lost the concentration required to actually beat Bill, so Scrabble had to go on hold. We've played other board, card and word games over the years, but I've always missed the word manipulations.

Quiddler requires short spurts of concentration and allows time for chatting or helping out a kid.  Because there are a set amount of hands, the length of the game is limited.  And I get to make random letters into words.  It is by far my new favorite.  Right now I'm ahead 76 to 49.  Hope my luck holds!


poobail said...

We LOVE Quiddler in our family, for the same reasons you gave, the appeal for young and old alike. If you are looking for another game for you and Bill, check out Royalty, it's Scrabble in a card game form. My sister and I regularly compete for top score. =-)

Since your kids are young, another goo multi generational game is Bananagrams, check it out!

Sara said...

Ooooo. I love bananagrams, but it requires chunks of serious kid ignoring time so its has it special times. Say when the kids are hunting crickets in the backyard. Once in a while we play it as a cooperative game or try to bananagram our spelling words.

Pirate Scrabble is also super fun - though I require concentration to figure out how to anagram words. Theo, at 9, is starting to get in on calling and stealing word which is a thrill for both Bill and I.