Thursday, September 9, 2010

Marking Progress

As with just about everyone else in the country, our homeschooling family started the swirl of fall this week.  Classes started up, we added in the bulk of our daily school work and soccer began.

Soccer is kind of crazy around here.  Maybe it is everywhere.  Practice twice a week for even the 7 year old!  Thankfully Rosie's coach models perspective as well as passion and decided to only hold the team to one day.  Plus games, and of course games are at different places on different days.  That spells 5 days of soccer in the week all said and done!

I think Theo could smell the intensity last year when we took him to his first practice.  For the first time ever, he completely balked at starting an activity.  We drove him to practice, got him out to the field and he freaked.  Wouldn't leave my side, wouldn't look at or talk to the coach, wouldn't talk to me about what was going on, started sneaky hitting me.  In the end, I made a bunch of empathetic guesses about how he was feeling and struck a deal that he would try 3 practices and then didn't ever have to return if he so chose.

This year, I dropped him off at the coach's house for carpooling, and he barely remembered to tell me goodbye on his way to engage with coach and son.

What a difference a year makes!

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hippiefemme said...

I loved playing soccer! We probably had four or five days of soccer, too, rain or shine. It was nerve-wracking for a few weeks, but I quickly fell in love with it.