Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Waiting for Freaky Friday?

So far this week has been surreal.  And it is only Tuesday.

On Friday Bill's car quit working.  He got it towed to the shop for the weekend, just to learn that the system that controls the lights is fried.  Yesterday, the locks on my car stopped working.  I was locked in and Theo was locked out.  I couldn't use the key fob, the buttons or even open the door with the handles.  Finally I thought to roll the window down so Theo could crawl in.  We've spent the past 2 days entertaining ourselves by accessing our ride through the windows.

Today we took my car in to be serviced and rushed home for an appointment, which never showed.  While we waited for the non-appointment, we ordered pizza (because yesterday I was worried about taking my car to the grocery store and getting stuck there thus we have no meals).  An hour later, still no pizza.  Turns out the delivery driver got lost several deliveries before us and they forgot to tell us the pizza wasn't going to make it.

Hopefully we'll make it to Friday without any other major excitement.

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