Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich Problem

I have an on-going problem with PBJs (beside them being high in carbs and me working not to be).  

Every fiber of my being believes it is proper to spread the peanut butter side of the sandwich first. However, getting peanut butter off a knife is hard work.  Cleaning jelly off a knife is quick and easy, so obviously one *should* spread the jelly first.  Then safely proceed to the peanut butter, free of worry that cross-contamination might occur.

But that would be a jelly peanut butter sandwich, and that's just wrong.


Tera said...

I have the same problem with not wanting to contaminate my jelly with peanut butter. So, I use a spoon to scoop out the jelly and spread it on. Jelly is much easier to scoop with a spoon than a knife, anyway. I had no idea others thought about these problems...must be why I like you.

Sara said...

Whew, so glad to have kindred souls in the universe.

I like the spoon idea. But then I've gotten 2 pieces of silverware dirty for one measly sandwich. Maybe I need to expand my thinking a little?