Monday, April 13, 2009

It Lives! More on the Kombucha

Guess what?!  The komucha is doing well.

On Friday the kids and I bottled our first gallon of tea.  We flavored 2 bottles with a few frozen cherries, 2 with blueberries and 2 with some ginger juice.  Immediately we brewed up another batch of tea and put that SCOBY back to work. 

Yesterday we opened one of the bottles to find that not only was it fizzy, it tasted good! Happy kombucha dance all around. Later in the day, we bottled our second gallon.  It tasted slightly tangier, so we added a little sweeter flavoring - mostly left over raspberry and peach coulis (think pureed, strained fruit with a bit of sugar) from my birthday cake. I put up fresh tea for that SCOBY and it is now busy doing whatever it is they do undercover there in the pantry.

With 10 bottles of komucha fizzing up and 2 gallons of tea fermenting, I'm feeling positively giddy with probiotic wealth. 


Carrie said...

That's awesome!! Where did you get that SCOBY again?

Sara said...

I am pretty darn pleased. Two different homeschool families shared SCOBY with us. I suppose I'll have some to share soon, just let me know.