Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tower of Library Power

Theo's job during our end-of-day clean up this evening was to tidy up the books. When I came in to check his work, here is what I found:

Completely delighted with himself, he marched up to bed.  I followed right behind him deeply aware of how much I love our public library system.  The stack is 45 books high.  Two came as birthday gifts to me.  18 of them we purchased last night at the Friends of the Seattle Public Library book sale.  The remaining 25 rolled in this week, reserved to compliment the Ancient Roman history lessons from HistoryAtOurHouse.

A little brag about the book sale.  The books priced at $1 each.  I hit the "ethnic studies" section first to score several recently released and highly recommended titles.  In the kid's language section I discovered Muzzy in both French and Spanish, plus 2 Japanese learning programs. The whole language learning bundle, which new would cost me well over $300, totaled $24. Color me pleased.

Now I need an awesome bookshelf sale.

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