Sunday, April 12, 2009

Growing Older

Today I am 40.  Definitely growing older.

I clearly remember turning 10.  Being a whole decade old certainly seemed like a milestone.  I remember turning 20 and being so relieved not to be a teenager anymore.  Turning 30 is a little fuzzy in my mind, but I can honestly say leaving my 20s and all the learning they brought was a relief.  My 30s were fairly easy and peaceful, essentially a decade of family. I'm not hot to shed them like I was my 20s, but if the pattern of the decades continues, the 40s hold plenty of promise.

So far, I like my 4th decade (though technically I won't be 40 until dinnertime). Yesterday friends came, bearing gifts of yarn or their favorite book. We ate angel food cake and chatted.  I felt celebrated.  Today is full of relaxing with my family, good coffee and rain.

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