Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Children are Adorable

Out on a walk this morning (to get toothpaste at Walgreens, which is a whole 'nother post), I saw a 2 year old out with his daddy.  That got me remembering how much I adore 2 year olds and how great I am at just admiring wee children for who they need to be in any given moment. Somehow my mommy zen does not extend as well to the early primary age, and I'm working on that.

Coming in the door with toothpaste in hand today, however, I am filled with adoration for who my children are in this moment. 

Rosie greeted me at the door wearing fancy pants, socks and the family iPod - nothing more because she's part polar bear.  Her green and white beads bouncing she danced, sang and smiled in a way that lights my entire life.

Theo hasn't noticed me yet.  He's huddled near to the fire (because he's clothed only in underwear) reading The Silver Chair by CS Lewis.  It is 4 years beyond the level most school experts tell me he "should" be reading and last year he wouldn't let me read it aloud because it was too scary. He started yesterday afternoon and now there are 10 pages left. He has an obsession with reading right now that extends to every inch of print in the house and pulls him beyond himself.

My children are who they are, full of individual passions and inclinations.  I love to wonder how those passions and inclinations will manifest as they reach their 20s and 30. If I can just manage to stay out of their way, they will mature to dynamic self-actualized people who bring their best to our world. Probably from a nude beach somewhere in Hawaii.

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