Monday, December 1, 2008

Victory and Cute Animals

Today is December 1. That means I finished my commitment to post every day in November (you know, starting on the 5th). Turns 
out I really enjoyed posting and the challenge of coming up with something everyday. Perhaps this means I'll continue into 
December. Thanks for all the encouragement along the way.

December is also one of our months off from homeschooling. Instead of the standard 3 month summer off, we've been taking April, 
August and December off. We'll be lightening our load, spending a little time each day on guitar, history and spelling. Otherwise, 
we've planned a few days in the snow, gingerbread house camp, gift making and lots of puttering around.
In celebration, here are the kid and my current favorite youtube videos.
(have I mentioned how much the formatting in blogger bugs me recently???)
Hampster on a Piano

Cat Chasing Leash

Roomba Kitty

Mean Kitty

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