Friday, December 12, 2008

Off the Charts?

Have you ever heard of the Ilg/Ames theory that kids development goes in 6 month cycles?  I can't remember their exact wording for the cycles, but something like balanced and off-kilter.

Somehow around the birthdays, my kids tend to demonstrate an adherence to this idea. Magically, just 2 weeks after his birthday, Theo's behaviors are driving me CRAZY.

Enter a good developmental chart.  I learned as a very early parent that if my baby's behavior was on "the chart" I could relax.  See now instead of my wee one doing some scary freaky thing, he is just really doing a great job of being a 6 month old.  Same holds with the 8 year old and charts.  It is just that there are more freaky behaviors.  

Scientists love babies and there are more developmental charts than you can throw a diaper at. But clear 3 years old and pickings get slim.  I was stuck with merely the Ilg/Ames selection for years. Which admittedly are better than nothing, but much of the parenting advice rubs me the wrong way.  Happily I stumbled upon the Washington State DSHS charts last year.  The charts go from 0-19 years, with sections for physical, intellectual, emotional, social and moral development.  Appropriate milestones are marked with short and reasonable suggestions for how to handle behaviors. I print them out and post them in the kitchen where I can see them daily.

Now if I can just convince myself he's great at being 8 years old and that those thunderous burps aren't really SO annoying.

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Qarin said...

I have a deep and abiding love for developmental charts. This one is simple and straightforward, thanks!