Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Two Gems

Today I have two little gems of happiness to admire.

Number One:
Monday Rosie, in a rare brother free car-ride, regaled me with the true interworkings of Sesame Street.  Apparently Zoe (Elmo's orange, wee voiced buddy for you unintitated) is "played by a black man.  Zoe HAS to be played by a black man because they are the most beautiful and the most talented.  But they put a costume on him so he'll look like Zoe.  But it has to be a black man because black is the most beautiful."

Love hearing "black is beautiful" coming out of my little girl's mouth organically and unprompted!

Number Two:
I'm elated, thrilled and relieved to have the Obamas moving into the White House.  Posted many times today I've seen (and teared up every time) this lovely piece from an unknown source:

Rosa sat,
so Martin could walk,
so Obama could run,
so our children can fly.


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