Monday, November 24, 2008

T-Day Countdown

Remember that organizational bent I have?  Producing Thanksgiving dinner is one of my favorite sports!  I know many people who dread the task. Just in case you are one of them, I'll share my meal and schedule planning.  If you too relish the challenge of getting everything warm and lovely to the table, let me know. I'd love to geek out with you!  

We have about 10 people coming for dinner. 

We're providing:
- Turkey (Best Recipe) - the Whole Foods cutie said 14 pounds should be enough for leftovers
- Stuffing (The Silver Palate Cookbook) - heated in the crock pot to be moist and yummy
- Gravy (Best Recipe)
- Cranberry and Orange Sorbets (VitaMix cookbook and my brain) - in 1/2 orange rinds
- Pumpkin Pie (Joy Of Cooking, 1997)
- Chess/Silk Pie (Joy of Cooking, 1997)
- Whipped Cream for pie

Guests are bringing:
- Mashed potatoes
- Salad
- Sweet potatoes
- Green beans
- More Pie
- Rolls
- Wine

Tuesday: Kids and I will do this.
- grocery shop
- start turkey brining

Wednesday: Housemate and Kids will help.
- make pies
- make sorbets
- vacuum, maybe mop?
- create decorations
- set up table and chairs
- remove turkey from brine and set it to dry in fridge (where???)

Thursday: Household works together!

worker 1    

10:00 AM  turn on oven, prep turkey

11:15 AM  turkey in

12:00 PM   turn/baste turkey

everyone eat snacks!

12:30 PM  baste turkey

1:00 AM turkey out (ish)

guests arrive

1:30 AM carve turkey

worker 2

10:00 AM  set table

11:15 AM  start gravy

12:00 PM   make gravy roux

12:30 PM   clean up kitchen

set up serving space

1:00 AM  finish gravy

1:30 AM  rolls in oven

do green beans

worker 3

10:00 AM  whip sorbets

11:15 AM  start stuffing

12:00 PM   stuffing to crockpot

12:30 PM   pick up house

1:00 AM  transfer sorbets


2:00 AM EAT

3:30 AM walk

4:30 AM eat pie, play games

6:00 AM eat leftovers and more pie

edited to add: fie upon blogger.  There is no table formatting and it won't let me copy in a table from Numbers or Pages nor add the table saved as a .pdf.  Sorry about all the craziness  folks.

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