Friday, November 28, 2008

Pre-nap conversation

With the kids being older, quiet time has pretty much replaced nap time.  A few times a week, though, I lay down with Rosie in hopes she might catch some zzz's. 

Today as we cuddled up, she started up some pillow talk. I love these little peeks into how her heart and brain work.

"Mommy, will you love me forever?"
"Yes, I will love you forever.  And a day.  That's a really long time."
"Will you love me when you're dead?
"Yes, even when I'm dead."
"Will you love me when I'm dead?"
"I'll love you when you're dead.  I'll miss you, too, a lot."
"Do I have to go to college?"
"No you don't have to, but I think it is a good idea."
"I'm not going to move away, I'm just going to live in the house next door."
"We won't be neighbors if I live next door, though.  Because you're my mommy."
"Huh, I didn't know that.  Did you know, some people go to college in Seattle."
"Then, will you come with me to college?"
"Maybe, we'll have to see.  I might be ready for more school then."
"Really?  Old people can go to college?"
"Rosie, I have a headache, let's go to sleep."
"Okay.  We've talked about enough.  We talked about loving each other and college.  That's enough. We can rest now."

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