Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Evil C's

When my husband leaves town, balance is the key to family survival.  Balance starts with enough sleep for everyone, plenty of nourishing food, exercise and maintaining our routine to reduce anxiety and levels of negotiations. 12-15 trips a year has drilled this information deep into my brain.

Enter the evil C's.

Computer, caffeine and crochet.

It started the day after he left.  Obsessive reading of blogs until midnight.  Then lots of coffee the next morning to mask the sleep deprivation.  Which wired me a little too much to fall asleep at a reasonable hour the next night.  Overly focused work on my very first crochet creation (a long, ugly thing) until I couldn't prop my eyelids open any longer. It all becomes a dizzying blur of more coffee, more blog posts and more long, ugly crochet.

Now Mama's too tired to get up on time, kids are eating cereal and potato chips for breakfast, our daily runs are completely out of the picture.  The other day we cut our losses and spent the morning at Costco to prevent the stream of tired, grumpies that our day would have been.

Sometimes, it doesn't matter how smart I am and how much I know, I still do the wrong thing.  On purpose.  Over and over.  Thank heavens Bill comes how tomorrow to save me from myself!

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Jennifer said...

OMG, I SO know what you mean! Todd travels a lot (like every 3 months for 3 whole weeks) and I turn into a sleep-deprived whack-o, existing on caffeine! Our whole routine goes out the window, laundry piles up and we eat out constantly. LOL The 3-C's fit me well, except rather than crocheting, I'm learning to sew! :)