Saturday, July 5, 2008


Maybe our homeschooling theme for this month will turn out to be self-image.

Somehow it percolated into my consciousness over the past few months that my encouragement for Rosie to prize the lovely tight curls that are her birthright while hot pressing my own waves danced way too close to hypocritical for my comfort.  Mental brew completed, off to the salon we went, daughter and mama: her for a trim, me for a new do.  It has been years since I've expressed my curliness and what a surprise to find all those babyand nursing hormones added to the spring.  Still strange to see myself in passing windows, but it feels good.

We're off to Pact camp in a week.  Camp is, at least for my family, a week devoted to exploring who we are inside and out.  In fact, this year, Theo's group will be doing an identity collage.  I'm fascinated to see what comes out of that project.

More superficially, hair coloring was on sale at Whole Foods last week.  Theo looks spectacular!



s t a c y said...

Theo looks cute but I was hoping for a pic of YOUR curls! :)

See you around, I hope!

Sara said...

Well, my son *is* darling! I'll see if I can an adult to take a reasonable picture at Pact Camp this week that shows off my curls and my black stripes.