Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mama's Growing Vocabulary

I am absolutely delighted with the new word I learned today.  It is a term I've been searching for since I was maybe 5.  A single noun for the experience of being dumped by a friend.

According one of the hippest sources in my world, the right way to express this is "frump.ed". Quite helpful vocabulary at the moment as I believe I have recently been frump.ed.  Also, what with a 5 year old girl in the house, I fear we'll be talking about it from the shorter perspective soon. Now it will be easier to name.

Just a warning, I choose to put and extra "." in the word as some of the other apparently hip people in the WWW have a different and less friendly definition for the word, and I'm not ready to attract their attention. So you might be careful in any initial public usage of the term! Here's to hoping you won't need it soon anyway.

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