Saturday, July 5, 2008

Homeschooling Advice

I seem to be on a writing tear today.  Something about having gotten enough sleep and my children off entertaining themselves.

So I have to tell you a story.

Half way between here and I-5 North is a little coffee stand.  You know the tiny little storage sheds turned drive-thru coffee shop kind?  It is tiny and cute and sports an "organic coffee" sign.  Having worked for a small business or two in my day, I have a soft spot in my heart for these places, so every few weeks we drive by for a cup of coffee, despite the fact that the coffee is bitter.

Last Thursday, the kids and I swung by there on our way home for lunch.  The man at the window, who lights up when he sees kids in the car, now recognizes us and asked if the children were out of school today.  "No, we are homeschoolers," lead to the anticipated series of questions.  He's from Africa, and I wanted to communicate that we weren't some sort of dangerous anti-government rebels, so I turned off my car engine and explained a little about what Washington State law says I need to know and the freedom around what I am required to teach my kids.  He handed me my coffee, and we talked a little more about his kids and mine. He asked if my kids played soccer, and I equivocated some answer about how they're interested but there are so many fun activities to pursue.  We talked about how homeschoolers do compared to school kids.  He seemed interested and slightly skeptical.  

As the children in the back seat were starting to agitate, I said my goodbyes, started my engine and prepared to drive away.  He looked meaningfully at me for a moment and said, "Teach them soccer.  They will be fine."

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Carrie said...

Hehe! Some people take their soccer/footie very seriously.