Thursday, July 10, 2008

Reasons to Homeschool

People often ask why we decided to homeschool, if we are enjoying it, and how long we intended for this to go on.  I have happy little pat answers for the first two, but kind of defer on the third question, something alone the lines of, "uh, we'll see."

Mostly I find myself unable to generate an opinion about whether or not we'll homeschool for high school because I can't begin to imagine my small children becoming teenagers, passing through puberty, growing arm-pit hair.  Apparently all kids eventually do, but it's beyond my mental grasp.

Today, though, someone presented me with a compelling argument to homeschool older kids. Basically it is the socialization argument all over again: high adult to child ratio, many models and coaches for appropriate conflict resolution skills, multiage groups and family attachments. Except apparently the stakes are higher once you add in teenage hormones.  Here is her article in full.  

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Henry Cate said...

Our plan is for our daughters to start taking college classes as they move into the high school age. We'll probably do both a few online courses and take some from the local junior colleges. We have several friends whose children go off to college with a couple years worth of credit graduating at nineteen or twenty.