Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lotto: Play to Win

One of my favorite crazy indulgences comes in the form of a Washington State lotto ticket.  Usually I prefer Mega Millions.  I mean, who can resist the ring of such lovely alliteration? It is only a buck, after all.

The kids and I spend many car rides dreaming what we could do with $12-120 million - there's a billboard with the current jackpot numbers near us that usually starts the conversation.  First, we take into account taxes, forking over about 50% of our winnings to Uncle Sam.  Theo usually plans giant Lego acquisitions. Rosie fills our home with dogs, cats and related paraphernalia.  I focus on the perfect house, lots of travel and a closet full of shoes.

Not that I buy tickets often.  Maybe one every few months.  And never more than one at a time - I figure if my luck is up, than it is up and I only need to get the one set of matching numbers to win.  Buying two would communicate my lack of trust in the great lotto gods.

For me, the most entertaining part about buying lotto tickets has to do with the odds. Turns out, chances of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are 1:175,711,536. This means buying a ticket only slightly increases my odds of taking that jackpot to the bank.

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The Bug said...

We love to buy lottery tickets - it's just so much fun to imagine what we'd do with the cash. Lately I've been wishing for a smaller win - enough to pay off our bills, but not enough to change our lives very much. I like my life!