Monday, February 28, 2011

From a Past Life

Or at least part of my life that seems long, long past.

In my final year of college, where I majored in French Language and Literature, I developed a penchant for  medieval French literature.  Yeah, talk about obscure professional training.

This evening, 20 years later, Theo came down raving about an advance review copy of a graphic novel he's reading called The Song of Roland.  Smoke coming from my ears, the wheels slowly churning, I dug up archaic neural pathways to remember that The Song of Roland, or for we French speakers La Chanson de Roland, is one of the earliest works of French literature.  I remember war, dying and love, nothing more specific.

Thank heavens for wikipedia where you, too can now explore the high points of ancient French literature.  Here's The Song of Roland for you, and my favorite, The Book of The City of Ladies. Christine de Pizan took a first stab at feminism way back in 1405, in a story that fascinated me for many, many years.

Old dear friends, long passed by.  I hope you enjoy getting acquainted with them.

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Walk With Me, Tyler Burgess said...

How funny. In 2008 on the Way of St. James pilgrim walk in northern Spain, I walked on the road Charlemagne and Roland took from Roncesvalles. Passed the battlefield where Charlemagne fought and also the battlefield where Roland killed the giant Ferragut. Spent 2 nights in Najera, where he freed the 200 Christian soldiers.
In 2012 I am going to take Charlemange's route over the border, where there is a cross marking where Roland blew his horn. And stop at the little museum in Roncesvalles where they have the horn and the 12 peers are buried. Since it was closed when I went through there mid-day, I will spend the night so I can see it. In 2008 I took the road Julius Ceasar used with his troops, which also goes through Roncesvalles. What a funny family we are!
Want to go with me????