Wednesday, March 10, 2010

55 Ways

Recently, I've spent quite a bit of emotional energy focusing on all the things in my life that aren't they way I want them to be.  Thus making myself pretty miserable creating mountains out of molehills - or at least focusing on the molehills rather than the daffodils next to them.

This evening, playing with the idea that I'm really the only person I can change in this world, I figured I might as well make a list of ways I want to be in the world. As I'm getting tired of the ways I don't like being, perhaps I'll allow myself to substitute in some fresher ideas if they're readily available.

In a short 15 minutes my list grew to 55 attributes.  It seems to me that if I simply focused on seeing/being more of the things on my list, there wouldn't really be much time left to be grumpy and miserable. That's a novel thought.

Here's my list.  Do you have a list?  What's on yours?
big  strong  soft  warm  beautiful  loving  accepting  playful  good.boundaries  flirtations  expressive  fun  open  intense  relaxed  flow.state  proactive  honest  healthy  responsive  feeling  loud  cuddly  attached  friendly  smart  confident  humble  thinking  safe  connected  heard  seen  loved  trusted  asked  powerful  celebrated  supported  generous  grateful  calm  wise  trusting  intuitive  available  present  compassionate  joyful  peaceful  respected  appreciated  gentle  gentled  clear

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