Saturday, March 20, 2010


We're being presented for 3 babies this weekend.  This means that 3 families who plan to place their babies for adoption are looking at our family profile, along with those of 2 or 3 other families, to decide who to choose.

It seems that we have pretty good chances of coming out of this weekend with a baby match.

48 hours never seemed so long....


Qarin said...

Thinking of you!

Jamie said...

My prayers are with you! I've been there and it is the worst labor imaginable. After being under the scope we changed to international adoption which was easier to handle. God bless!

Sara said...

Perhaps I wasn't clear - it is the excitement of the process and the hope for the gift of being choose than I find hard to wait through.

We've been waiting more for a great match with (hopefully) another family. I certainly support all pregnant mamas in carefully considering as many families as they need to in order to find people they feel they can connect with to be as at peace as possible with their decision.

I just hope they do it quickly!