Wednesday, March 24, 2010


After our weekend of full consideration, we've been chosen by a mama.  Her baby is due in early June (or late May).  

I am totally blown away by the hugely mixed emotions I've experienced over the past few days since we found out.  Monday I was excited and thrilled and full of baby longing.  Tuesday I wanted to be really quiet and private about the whole thing.  And most of today I spent feeling deeply sad because there is a mama in our world that has to say goodbye to her baby because she can't afford to parent.  It weighs deeply for me that my joy comes through someone else's deep pain. I'm sure there are many waves of emotion about adoption to come through the years.  

So congratulate me and mourn with me.  The Barnacle Family is growing.


Lisa said...

Congratulations to you and to the sweet baby who is blessed to join your family!

Qarin said...

So many jumbled emotions.

Still thinking of you, and excited!

There's a mama in the world who has to say goodbye to her baby for reasons we wish didn't exist. But there's a baby in the world who will have YOU as mama, and that's pretty much the most awesome thing of ever to wish on someone, however difficult the circumstances which brought that about.

Boing. Baby. Eeeeeee.

Leah said...

You've expressed the deeply complex emotions tied to this event so well. Blessing and congratulations to all of you.

Stacy (Mama-Om) said...

i am celebrating and mourning with you...

much love,

Jane said...

Wonderful news! We are all thrilled for you, your family and your new baby.

Adoption is complex. I've felt and still feel that same mix of emotions. I have found that acknowledging the joy and grief to the extent that I feel at the time is the best way for me to honor the process.

Seattle Amethyst said...

I am so excited for you, that mama made the right choice in such a loving family.