Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Y'all know...

...that when my blog is quiet here, life is full over here, right?

I realized today if I did one of those stress surveys where one checks boxes for all the major events in one's life, I'd pass with flying colors.

Something I'd like to figure out in my spare time is how much is safe/appropriate to share about our lives on-line. Every hour of my day seems to be linked to someone else's existence (and privacy).

How do you mind the line of personal and private vs open? How do you get support for the intimate of your lives? How safe do you feel on the internet?

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Carrie said...

I don't feel safe at all. I also know that every single thing I publish will be preserved somewhere forever, be it Google or the way back machine. So I do a lot of self-censoring. If I have a funny feeling about sharing something or I think something might come back to bite me later I don't post it. I'm also very aware that anyone can see the internet and I can't believe the number of people who post that they're out of town or intimate details of their children's lives. I don't know why anyone random would be interested in us, particularly, but I don't want to find out either. I feel better about facebook where in theory I have control over who sees what, but there's really no guarantees there either. I think mundane details, schedules, thoughts that you don't *think* you'll regret, is all good. I'm just glad the internet wasn't around when I was writing diaries at 13!