Friday, November 6, 2009

The Price of Stinginess

One of the things I really appreciate is a good hair cut. A good cut makes my curly/frizzy hair look great, is easy to manage and grows out well. I feel so much better about myself when I like the way my hair looks.

On the other hand, one of the things I really hate spending money on is haircuts. Somehow it just pains me to shell out $75 for these things. So I tend to go 6-8 months between shearings.

Herein lies my problem. The overall cut grows out well, but the bangs, well, they just grow. So rather than pay the $7 for the bimonthly bang trim, I often do it myself.

Remember the aforementioned curly/frizzy hair? It dries much shorter than it is wet and has liberal cowlicks around my face. So really, only a professional has any business working with it. As a punishment for my $7 stinginess this week, I am sporting a bang trim that comes half way up my forehead and is much shorter on the right side than the left.

I look like a hot mama from the back and a sneaky five year old from the front. But at least I can laugh at myself (month after month after month).

How about you? Do you cut your own hair? How much do you pay for a cut? When was the last time you had a really bad hair day? Have your kids whacked their own hair yet? Any volunteers to come over for tea and a trim in about 6 weeks?


Carrie said...

Hmm I suspect I've had bad hair days for the past five years! I get it cut about once a year so a cut that will grow out is essential. But bangs look terrible on me so I suppose that's a bonus in the growing-it-out scenario! I usually pay about $30-ish though. But I'm not devoted to anyone either so that's probably saying something.

Qarin said...

I either go to Supercuts or I use the Wahl clippers with about a 1" guard on it on myself.

Yeah, maybe I'm not the one to ask about these things.

Sara said...

Well maybe not. But using the 1" guard saves you from the 5 year old styling. So you're one up on me...

Tera said...

Ah, the benefits of growing out the bangs....did it years ago and I will neve go back.

Sara said...

That is a benefit of growing out the bangs. But then I'd have to learn to love my forehead and I'm just not that zen yet.