Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wanna Peek at my Bookmark Bars?

My internet browser, Safari, lets me keep my favorite websites in two places: the bookmark bar for the sites I use often and a bookmarks page for the bunches of important sites I must remember not to forget.

I'm guessing what's on our bookmark bars says plenty about us. You know - revealing information about age, profession, interests and values just waiting to be over interpreted.

Here's mine:
Draw3D - 10 minute drawing lessons I do most days with Rosie. Super fun!
SHG Multiply - Multiply site that is supposed to be great for connecting with other homeschoolers, except I never click to it.
Google Reader - all my favorite blogs via RSS feed (click here if you've not yet been introduced to the beauty of readers). I try really hard to only go here a few times a day. Sigh.
Source: Sara - yes, a link to my own blog so I can easily start a post and obsessively check for comments.
H@OH - the amazing History at Our House conference call program that the kids do. This gets us to the materials for the day, class notes and book recommendations. Used daily, at least.
Google Maps - 'cuz I gotta know how to get to park day, field trips and appointments. Clicked at least 3x a week
Wikipedia - 'cuz I gotta know. Used probably every other day.
Thesaurus - I use this almost every time I write a blog post since I figure y'all don't want to read the same few words over and over and over and over
SPL - Seattle Public Library. Gets many hits from me in a week.

What's your list?

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Carrie said...

Hmm. I use Firefox but my bookmark bar mostly has categories: Crafts, Kid stuff, Food, Shopping, Misc and then I have direct links to Ravelry (knitting), Google Reader Subscribe, Recalls, Facebook share, Craigslist, Traffic, Twitter, Hulu, and apparently my Amazon wishlist. No idea what that's there! I use all of those fairly regularly, actually. But I bookmark way too much stuff, it's craziness in the folders.