Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sudden Travel

One of my grandmothers died last week.  We quickly cobbled together travel plans and have spent the past week in South Dakota and Wyoming attending the funeral and visiting relatives. 

I'm glad we came. She had some undetermined degenerative neurological issues to the degree that she couldn't remember who I was two summers ago. So while I emotionally had said goodbye over a year ago, it was good to come and officially recognize her passing and connect with family.  

Before coming to Spearfish, SD to attend the funeral, we spent a few days in Sheridan, WY to visit my other grandmother.  She is doing well, seems healthy for someone over 80 years young: moving around reasonably well and full of questions, opinions, stories and admiration for her great-grandkids. 

I consider myself blessed.  How many people are so fortunate to live almost 40 years old with the delightful company of 2 grandmothers?  Assuming I share those long-lived genes of theirs, I hope I ripen to the sweetness of wise perspective and loving acceptance they both have showered upon me in recent years.


Sarai (Ubi Spiritus) said...

Hi! I found your blog on the NaBloPoMo January 2009 Blogroll.

Glad to meet another homeschooler! I am a future homeschooler - my kids aren't here yet. :-) I love that you are a "sleep geek", and I am so sorry you're dealing with rats. We had a small family of mice move into an apartment we lived in last year and wow, that was horrendous for me! I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel right now.

I lost my last wonderful, gorgeous Nana last October. I count myself lucky to have known her for so long too!

Sara said...

Thanks for dropping by. Glad to meet a future homeschooler!