Monday, January 12, 2009


The rats are back.  They found a new way into the basement crawl space.  The stench has rendered our entire living space uninhabitable.

We noticed a small stink on Thursday afternoon.  Garbages were emptied, couches were vacuumed but nothing offensive was discovered.  Finally by Friday evening the smell was so bad Bill was compelled to explore the crawl space where he found ample evidence of the dang critters.  I went to bed grossed out and mad.

That night, I dreamed that it was an incredibly dry, windy summer. There was some wild-fire sweeping through south Seattle.  Firefighters came and gave us 2 hours to evacuate. Using our handy-dandy FlyLady evacuation list, we got everything that was important and meaningful to us into my car - you know, 5 people, the dog and her food, computers, essential ID/financial files, pictures and our pillows.  Then we drove to a friend's house on the Eastside where we spent a happy camp-like few weeks.

Our house burned to the ground, all the rats in the neighborhood died, and Bill's car I despise was destroyed. Insurance fully paid to rebuild everyone's houses, bought us a new minivan and replaced everything we needed and wanted.  Everyone live safely and happily ever after.

The pest control guy is coming this afternoon to look around and hopefully clean up.  I'm sure we'll throw a bunch more money at this house before we conquer the rat problem. Sure makes a dry windy summer sound nice.

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Winbrooke said...

oh my, so sorry about your rats coming back. we are building a new house and when I saw the foundation today, I thought of your situation and asked my builder about rodent control. oy. I found out after we tore our old house down we had them living on our property at a pretty high rate. ugh. my sympathies to you sara!