Thursday, December 20, 2012

Beautiful weeper post: "Love. Joy. Justice."

This post from Tea&Cookies made me cry like crazy.

December 9th is the day gay couples in Washington State were legally able to get married.  Tea&Cookies post does such a lovely job of capturing the joy, beauty and the rightness of the day.  And her pictures reflect all that. 

I'm so grateful to live in the day this important step in human justice and equity became possible.  I'm so grateful that all the people I love get to marry that one that they love. And so grateful to Tea&Cookies for noting it so beautifully.

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The Bug said...

Thank you - that was LOVELY! I'm especially thinking about a couple I know from Colorado who just last week did all the legal stuff they needed to do before one of them had surgery. They got to spend a bundle just to ensure that they have the same rights my husband & I have for free. It is SO NOT RIGHT! I'm 48 - maybe we'll see these rights extended to all the states before I die. Maybe.