Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Homeschooling Mama

My children definitely get a ton of learning out of homeschooling, but I have to say, most days seem pretty self-indulgent to me.  Today's a great example.  In the kitchen right now I have brewing:
- kombucha
- yogurt
- cake and cupcakes
- miso
- nettle tea

Look how much fun I get to have in the course of a day and call it education for my kids!


olliemom said...

What a day! As a potential homeschooling mama, I'd love to hear what the lesson plan was there.

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

Have heard so much about home schooling, i do commend mothers who take out the time & energy to teach their kids everyday,do you teach them until they get admission into the university?

Sara said...

olliemom - mostly the lesson plan was mom loves to have fun. Along the way, I think my kids learn about health (conversations about probiotics, probiotics and more probiotics), other cultures (the miso we started with the help of Theo's Japanese clas, hosted by a family), math (helping me measure ingredients), self-acceptance and problem solving (the yogurt just wasn't working out), science (kombucha, under pressure, creates a huge force and bubbles viciously out of the bottle when opened), being part of our community (we share the cakes), and wildcrafting (the nettles for the tea were some we gathered with the help of a friend).

All that, and hopefully that life is good and can be filled with joy and good food.