Saturday, September 19, 2009

Soccer Mom For A Day

Today I fear I was the stereo-typical soccer mom. Lots of driving for a game that's walking distance from our house - in our minivan, with our designer mutt in tow.

Theo's game started at 1:30, Rosie's game at 2:00. All other Barnacle adults are out of town. And somehow I signed up as snack mom for Theo's team for today.

We did our morning stuff, packed soccer bags and around noon drove to the grocery store (5 blocks from our house). We loaded up on snack bars, apples and string cheese, then drove to Theo's game (okay, at least this is 2 miles from home).

I watched for a few minutes (long enough to see his team score 3 goals), then hopped in the car and headed back to drop Rosie at her game that is 3 blocks from our house (long enough to totally geek out about how cute 6 year old soccer games are).

Then back to get Theo. His game finished, his team was still hanging out in the field kicking the ball together. Turns out they'd won 5-1 and apparently weren't over the high yet. I handed out snacks, peeled Theo away and drove back to get Rosie.

We cheered for the last few minutes of her game and enjoyed the cupcakes (?!?!?) someone had brought for snacks. Rosie reports their team won 12-2 (Theo and I are skeptical).

Finally we drove the 3 blocks home.

To make up for the earlier part of the day, I plan to sit on the couch and read samari novels until dinner.

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