Monday, June 22, 2009

True Love

I know my husband loves me because he bought me the mug I've been obsessing about for several months now. It's white and orange ceramic with a silicon band around the middle. Beautiful and so fun to hold.

Gifts are one of the Five Languages of Love. I think it might be my primary language based on how loved and understood I'm feeling right now.  Also, I'm still high from the electric toothbrush he gave me about 10 years ago. 

The book is highly religious yet I've found the concept it proposes - that others can feel the love we are offering them best if we speak their "love language" - works well in my family.  Of course there is still the small matter of remembering to be mindful of it. But days like today remind me how effective small efforts can be.

Doesn't the orange look great with my coffee in it?

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Clarissa said...

Yes it does, it's beautiful.