Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ancient Rome (in less that 10 minutes) by Theo

There was some debate Wednesday over whether or not Theo actually paid attention during the day's history lecture - the final summation of Ancient Rome.  

To prove that he intently listened and understood, Theo insisted on giving me the rundown.  I had the presence of mind to get the video camera out.  He was concise, fairly clear for an 8 year old, and so animated and cute it made my mommy toes curl.  

I'm not sure everything is 100% correct, but he still knows 99x more about ancient history than I do. I know it's long, but check him out!

edited to add:
This is Theo's version of what he learned.  And I want to call out that his ability to hold onto all this information is in huge part due to Scott Powell's clear and engaging presentation of the material.   

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Katie and Max Homeschool Blog said...

Hi Sara; I was checking out History at Our House, and I see that it's basically Western Civ-- I am curious, because I know you put so much thought and care into the curricula you use-- how you are approaching non-western history.


Melissa K.