Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quiet, but busy

Well, it seems that once free of the pressure of April's NaBloPoMo, I went radio silent.

I have been very busy, though.  Making kombucha and lotion.  Working on the yard and garden.  Homeschooling the kids.  Writing, writing and more writing for the homestudy.  Fill out plenty 'o forms for said homestudy.  Enjoying visitors.  Practicing my guitar.  Evaluating and applying for a new health care plan.  Trying to squeeze every last benefit out of our amazing COBRA health plan before it expires at then end of the month (read, going to a heck of a lot of appointments).  Thinking about friends in crisis trying to find ways to support them.  Talking, planning and hanging out with hubby. All this while trying to keep up the house and feed all the living beings inside it.

It is often hard to choose between going to bed at the end of the day so I have enough sleep to gracefully move through the next one or write about how things went and what I'm thinking. Sleep has been nice, but I think I'm getting ready to write again.  

June NaBloPoMo, anyone?

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