Friday, January 11, 2013

Writing time!

This month I've signed my kids up for a writing class with BraveWriter. We'll be working on mini-reports.

Theo and I did a class with them last spring and I was beyond impressed.  A friend recommended the cirriculum to me a few years ago and I cherry picked the parts I thought Theo needed and was ready for: copy work, dictations and reverse dictations.  Once he got comfortable with those, we added in freewrites.  As freewrites became easy, I realized I didn't know what to do next.  The Kids Write Basic class was starting, so we tried it.

Funny, but the most important things I learned from the class weren't specific steps to take, but the posture I need to have to best coach my children in writing. Things like (in my Neufeld words) being warm, creating a huge invitation for their ideas, making lots of space for joy and frustration in the process and keeping in mind that writing is its own maturation process. 

Julie, the founder, has such an amazing eye for our goals of raising children (homeschooling or not).  Go check out her blog and sign up for her newsletter for regular breezes of delight and inspiration!

Yesterday, Theo decided to write his report on an antique foosball table he played on in Ecuador.  Rosie will be doing a report on animals in Ecudaor.  I'm looking forward to learning a variety of formats for helping children record and integrate the material they learn on at least some of our amazing adventures being homeschoolers affords us.

Maybe I'll be able to post their finished work here next month.

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