Sunday, October 14, 2012

Functional again

A few weeks ago, I had the 2nd of theoretically 3 rounds of Hep A and B vaccinations for our upcoming trip to Ecuador.  And it didn't go well.  I got intensely sick with a serious migraine, terrible nausea and stomach turning plus a full night of vomiting every 20-30 minutes.  It was 5 days before I ate solid food and about 10 days before I wanted to do much of anything besides alternate between napping in bed and napping on the couch.

This week with Bill out of town, I've just had to buck up so I could get kids places and help them with school work.  Still did lots of sleeping on both the bed and the couch - even the dr.'s waiting room for a few minutes. I *never* fall asleep out in public.

Today was a new day, though.  I felt relaxed and rested when I woke up and mostly maintained that state with the help of one little power nap.  Here's proof that I'm back. Today, with little effort and much enthusiasm, I:
- ran the dishwasher twice
- ran three loads of laundry
- was clear headed and courageous enough to keep the kids home from playdates because I realized the amount of bickering and refusal to do work meant they needed more connection with me and each other
- listened to an hour of Neufeld's Anxiety course with riveted attention and didn't accidentally nap
- got out the Halloween decorations and exited the kids about taking charge of decorating the front porch
- harvested a planter box of cherry and plum tomatoes AND roasted them along side plenty of garlic
- cleaned out the cucumber box (I'm never planting pickling cucumbers again, they just don't work for me)
- ate about 10 hot wings
- took out Rosie's braids and didn't have to nap at anytime during the process

It is super nice to be functional again - for both me and my kids.  I can't wait to take on the rest of the tomatoes and the basil tomorrow.

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