Friday, October 26, 2012

CrossFit Personal Record - Backsquat

I'm so in love with CrossFit.  I pretty much have been since the very  moment I encountered it.  Quick, high intensity workouts that vary hugely, using functional movements.  They're fun, they're interesting and they make me so strong.

Way back when Rosie was about 3, I accidentally got into CrossFit thanks to the trainer I was assigned to for the 20/20 program at the ProClub while I was trying to lose the extra 30 pounds of domperidone weight from nursing Rosie.  So, last year when I found myself ready to start using my body again, I went to the closest local gym (they call them boxes at CrossFit because they are usually just small garage type facilities).

It turns out, the gym closest to me is awesome - Crossfit 206.  The owners are older than I am and really seem to hold a long-term view for health.  The trainers they attract are just the right combination of careful, supportive and pushy. The positive and enthusiastic attitude of the other participants makes the heavy weights and hard challenges seem doable.

Back on the 20/20 program, we were set up to work out 3x/week. My wimpy parts decided that going 2x/week was a good start, and I've been dithering about at that level for over a year now, on and off with travel and illness and childcare disasters.  This September I realized I needed to amp it up and promptly had that reaction to the vaccination.  So this week, feeling better, I've finally committed.

Here's my pay off - today I backsquatted 100 pounds. It wasn't even too hard, I could go heavier.  I'm thrilled to be in the triple digits!!

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