Saturday, October 30, 2010

Paper Mache in Seattle - Ughhh

I love craft projects.  I grew up doing paper mache.  Several years during summer school we work in the goopy meduim.  We made volcanos and pigs.  I remember my mom making my brother a paper mache hat with a metal bowl for the form.  Probably I worked along-side her making my own creation.

The years have crept by while I've waited for my kids to be old enough to do paper mache with me.  Recently Rosie achieved the age and interest level needed for me to propose the project.   We pulled out newspapers, balloons, toilet paper tubes and various scrapes from the recycle bin.  I mixed up flour and water, and we went to work.  Everything was exactly as I remembered - creating the forms, dipping and layering the newspaper.

And then came time to dry them.  Now, in Montana, we'd do a layer of newspaper in the morning, wait a few hours and add another layer.  An entire project could be covered in 3 layers, painted, and dry enough to take home at the end of 2 days. After 2 hours here in Seattle, our paper mache was still dripping.  After 2 days our paper mache was still wet to the touch.  After 2 weeks they are finally dry and the children's interest has moved on to other things.

Likely I'll pick up the project again in the next few days just to get the pig and mouse eventually done and out of the dining room. However, I'll think twice next time before I propose a project that include the concept of "drying" while living in Seattle.


Molly said...

After we did paper mache in art group we dried ours at the lowest setting in the oven. Worked like a charm!

Sara said...

You are a genius!